What is cryptography and its terminlogies

Unleashing the Power of Cryptography: Understanding the Basics and Terminologies

What is cryptography ?

  • Cryptography is an art of converting the plain text into unintelligible format (Cipher text ).
  • On the receiver side that cipher text is converted into plain text.
  • Cryptography mainly aims at privacy and integrity.
  • Cryptography is not latest technique, it has formed thousand of years ago. But they uses some symbols to denote plain text message.

Cryptography terminologies

  1. Plain text : This is actual message sender wants to send to receiver.
  2. Cipher text : This is unintelligible text and normal person cannot understand this.
  3. Encryption : The process if converting cipher text into plain text is called encryption.
  4. Decryption : The process of converting cipher text into plain text is called decryption.
  5. Cryptanalysis : The study of understanding how crypto algorithm works and finding weaknesses is called cryptanalysis.
  6. Cryptanalyst : The person who does cryptanalysis is calledĀ  is called cryptanalyst.
  7. Substitution cipher : These cipher simply replace plain text characters with some special characters.
  8. Block cipher : These ciphers operates on some block of bits.
  9. Symetric cipher: Same key used at the encryption and private key is used for decryption.
  10. Asymetric cipher : Pubic key is used for encryption and private key is used for decryption.
  11. Digital certificate : These certificates are used to establish a secure connection between sender and receiver. (e.g - SSL certificate )
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