Transform Your Text into Handwriting

Transform Your Text into Handwriting with Python: A Step-by-Step Guide | Python Projects

You can convert text into handwriting with Python. Python has a module called pywhatkit. Install pywhatkit using pip.

pip install pywhatkit

Below, we use pywhatkit to convert text to handwriting and save it as an image. We then use the cv2 library to view the image. Run this code below:

import pywhatkit
import cv2 as cv
# text to convert to handwriting
text = 'Python is great' # converting text to handwriting and saving as image
pywhatkit.text_to_handwriting(text, save_to='new_text.png') # reading image using cv
hand_text = cv.imread("new_text.png")
cv.imshow("hand_text", hand_text)


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