Learn how SSH works

Securely Connecting to Your Server: A Beginner’s Guide on How SSH Works

  1. Imagine that you wrote a letter to your girlfriend and And now you want to send it.
  2. And now what if your girlfriend’s father intercepts and reads your message.
  3. Now it is the time for SSH.
  4. SSH (Secure Socket Shell) is a network protocol that allows us to access and communicate with remote computers over an unsecured network.
How does it work?
  1. You put your letter in a box and secure it with a lock (only you have the key to the lock) and then send it to your friend.
  2. Your friend doesn’t have your key. So he adds another lock to the box and returns it to you.
  3. You use your key to open the lock on your box and send it back to your friend with her lock locked in.
  4. Finally, he unlocks the box using her key and reads the letter without anyone being able to intercept it.

The SSH protocol uses a public-key cryptography approach and symmetric solid encryption and hashing techniques to transmit messages between client and server.

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