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How to Find the Admin Panel of a Website for Bug Bounty

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How to find admin panel of a website ?

Although there are many methods to find admin panel of a website but I am going to mention some most relevent types of tips & tricks.

Using Google Dorks

Google is the best way to find admin panel of a website because it holds data of millions of websites and although it is the most popular search engine.

 site: inurl: admin |  administrator |  adm |  login |  l0gin |  wp-login

 intitle: "login" "admin" site:

 intitle: "index of / admin" site:

 inurl: admin intitle: admin intext: admin

Using httpx and a wordlist

 httpx -l hosts.txt -paths /root/admin-login.txt -threads 100 -random-agent -x GET, POST -tech-detect -status-code -follow-redirects -title -content-length

 httpx -l hosts.txt-ports 80,443,8009,8080,8081,8090,8180,8443 -paths /root/admin-login.txt -threads 100 -random-agent -x GET, POST -tech-detect -status-  code -follow-redirects -title -content-length

Using utilities:

There are many automated tools which can be used to automate to find admin panel of a website. This tools can be easily found on github.

Using search engines

As we all know that google is the best search engine but there are some limitations of google that it cannot index servers or iot devices. So, for this comes into play of search engine like shodan, fofa, censys and etc.

Using Shodan" "http.title:" admin "

ssl: "" http.title: "admin""" admin

ssl: "" admin

Using fofa

cert = "" && title = "admin"

 cert.subject = "company" && title = "admin"

 cert = "" && body = "admin"

 cert.subject = "company" && body = "admin"

Using zoomeye

 ssl: + title: "admin"

 ssl: + admin

 Censys (IPv4):

 (services.tls.certificates.leaf_data.issuer.common_name: AND services.http.response.html_title: admin

 (services.tls.certificates.leaf_data.issuer.common_name: AND services.http.response.body: admin
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