How to Create a barcode in python

How to Create a barcode in python | Python Projects

How to create a barcode in python

In this projects we are going to create a barcode with the help of python.

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You can use python-barcode to generate different types of objects. First install the barcode:

pip install python-barcode

Below, we are going to create an ISBN13 barcode. Please note that this module supports many other types of barcodes. We are going to generate a PNG image of the barcode. We will use the pillow module to view the image. You can install pillows by running:

pip install pillow

Pass a 12-digit number as a string.

from barcode import ISBN13
from barcode.writer import ImageWriter
from PIL import Image
num = '979117528719'
# saving image as png
bar_code = ISBN13(num, writer=ImageWriter())
# save image'bar_code')
#read the image using pillow
img ="bar_code.png")



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