The Most Impressive Bug Bounty Writeups

Bugs Exposed: The Most Impressive Bug Bounty Writeups

Discover the most impressive bug bounty writeups from skilled cybersecurity researchers who have identified and disclosed vulnerabilities in diverse applications and systems. Explore their innovative techniques, strategies, and insights to improve your own cybersecurity skills and knowledge.


  1.  My first IDOR on hackerone
  2. Hacking the Docker Registry with Burp Suite
  3. Mastering IDOR Vulnerability Identification: An Advanced Guide for Web Application Security
  4. How to Find Blind XSS and Attack scenarios with payloads
  5. Broken Access Control and Privilege Escalation: What You Need to Know
  6. Buffer Overflow Exploit
  7. Building Smarter Penetration Testing Tools with AI: A Deep Dive
  8. RSA: The Key to Safe and Secure Communication
  9. Mastering Bug Bounty: Top Methodologies for Successful Vulnerability Hunting
  10. How to become a successful bug bounty hunter.

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